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Friday, May 04, 2007

New Blog?

So I am currently in the process of porting my blog over to my own domain. Blogger ended up being a little to restrictive for me in what I was able to do. I want to explore, create, blossom. Also, there is really no way to back up Blogger. I want to be in control of my information so that if ever blogger dies, my history and transformations don't die with it. I enjoy looking back, and to loose that would be a shame.
So you can reach it via http://www.aaronvanderzwan.com/blog. I am still going to remain on blogger, and xanga, but will mostly post at my other blog. It will be weird posting as Aaron and not some chick (for those of you who do not know the story, the lady in the images on this blog was at the top of a Google image search).

So yes. I will soon have all of the posts that are on here on there. But because of bloggers horrible backup system I actually have to copy and paste each post into the new one.

I haven't even touched the design on it yet (it is just the default look), but I plan on jimmmy-rigging it to look in someway like 'me'. Also, you can subscribe to receive updates for when I post, which is something xanga has, but blogger (even though extremely better than xanga) does not.

El Fin.


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